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Finding a good piano teacher can be just as important as finding a good piano.  A good piano teacher will be someone who loves and understands music and is able to effectively communicate his or her skills, passion and enjoyment to your child.

Teaching music is what we call an “unprotected” profession. That means that there are no government standards that regulate the industry. Anyone can say they are a “music teacher” and start offering lessons.

At PIANOS.CA we love music and want to help you maximize your enjoyment as well. To that end we provide the following helpful hints and tips in finding a good music teacher.

1) Get recommendations. Ask family, friends and other reliable sources if they know a good music instructor.

2) Interview the teacher. Inquire about her qualifications, experiences and references. Also, ask about tuition fees, policies, teaching method and anything relating to the service she's offering.

3) Sit-in during classes or watch recitals. This can help you assess her rapport with students and how effective her teaching method is.

4) Consider your budget. Based on your budget, assess whether you can afford to hire a private tutor or enroll in group instruction. Generally, private tutors cost more.

We also feature a list of teachers in your area on our website.

From David Wilson, St. Catharines (received via e-mail)

1. Good teachers should be knowledgeable about the instrument.
2. Good teachers need a well rounded knowledge of keyboard literature and the periods in which the literature was  composed.
3. Touch and tone is necessary for a young student to grow in performing; a good teacher needs to be capable to lead the student in an understanding of this issue.
4. A good teacher should be creative and help the student to develop creatively.
5. A good teacher should be capable of helping a student to understand the music to be learned.
David Wilson


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