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General Information:

We are often called with questions about international sales, so we thought it would be helpful to give you some pointers right here on our website www.pianos.ca .

We are a Canadian company, located in Burlington, Ontario.  Burlington is in the Toronto area (GTA, Greater Toronto Area), close to Niagara Falls and Buffalo. We ship pianos all across Canada and the United States.

All of our prices are in Canadian dollars.

Most of our upright pianos and grand pianos, both new and used, are sold with a limited 10-year warranty. A detailed description of this warranty can be viewed here. In the USA this warranty can be administered by members of Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). The PTG is an American organization with members all over North America.

Here are the advantages for Americans purchasing products from us:

  • All pianos purchased from us are totally exempt from Canadian taxes if exported.
  • You do not have to pay us any American state taxes.
  • You have to pay only 4.7% import duty (grand pianos as well as upright pianos).*
  • Pianos manufactured in the U.S. or Canada are free of tariffs.

* Information on import duties into the United States can be found below


Below is some information on tariff numbers and importing duties to help out our U.S. customers. However, these tariffs can change without notice and are for your information only.

  • New and used (grand) pianos not made in USA or Canada:
    tariff number 9201.10.0005 - 4.7%.
  • New and used (grand) pianos falling under NAFTA: tariff number 9201.10.0005 - free

U.S. Shipping

We offer you two options when considering how to ship your upright or grand piano to the United States:

We can crate any upright piano and bring it to Buffalo for approximately $425 CDN. Any grand piano can be crated and transported for approximately $550 CDN.

Once in Buffalo, transportation to your house can be arranged through various piano moving companies in the U.S.

Alternatively, we can arrange for the piano to be shipped right from our store to your home. This is priced on a per quote basis depending on your location and the method of transportation involved. Please use the form below for a personalized quote on shipping a piano to your home.

To obtain more information about U.S. shipping please call us at 905-631-9259.


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